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Deep Water Plants

21st Nov 2019

Some pond plants should be planted in deep water, up to 120cm depending on the species. These Deep water plants send their stalks up from the bottom of the pond to their leaves and flowers which form a carpet over the pond’s surface. This cluster of vegetation offers great shade to the pond.

Deep water plants are sold in the same style of plant baskets as marginals and oxygenators. They will usually not have grown to their maximum depth and will need training to the depth of the pond. When the plant is first introduced to the pond its leaves should reach the surface, it may be required that the plant’s pot is sat on a stack of crates or an upturned basket. Once the leaves begin to spread across the surface the pot can be placed a little deeper. Keep gradually increasing the depth of the plant until it sits in the desired location. If this process is not followed the plant will usually take much longer to develop and flourish.