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Crow Vs Heron - The Ultimate Pond Protector?!

21st Nov 2019

We’re not sure we’d recommend it, but how about this for a novel form of pond protection! In this pretty amazing video you can see how Simon McCabe 51, from Stockton-on-Tees, ended up employing his very own feisty feathered pond bouncer, in the form a crow.

Credit goes to the ail Online for this story of how Simon had previously lost hundreds of pounds worth of Koi and Goldfish to a hungry and persistent heron. One morning however his son happened to see the heron fleeing the back pond, and on checking CCTV he found that the heron had been seen off by the crow. In an effort to encourage the crow to frequent his pond on a regular basis Simon started putting out mealworms – and before you know it – hey presto he had himself his very own little pond bodyguard!

Since the heron has been coming to visit the pond and Simon installed some pond protection netting he hasn’t lost a single fish. Not a bad result for the price of a few mealworms. However if you don’t fancy recruiting your own pond bouncer there are plenty of options available. Head over to our Pond Deterrents section or click on any of the product images below to find your ideal solution.