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Connecting your Pump and Filter

21st Nov 2019

When connecting the hose to your pump, filter, or other unit it is always advisable to use the largest hose possible as this will maximise the flow-rate from the pump. Corners and bends will reduce the flow-rate, as will forcing the pump to push water vertically. You should ensure that the pipe work is laid as flat and as direct as possible.

Before attaching the hose to the hose tails, any smaller hose tail fittings should be cut off so that they don’t reduce the flow of water. The hose should be fixed to the hose tail using a suitable clip as this will ensure that the water pressure doesn’t push the hose off. It may be necessary to wrap the hose-tail in plumbing tape, or PTFE tape, before pushing the hose on so that the fitting is completely watertight. It is important not to over tighten the clip as it could cut into the hose or damage the hose-tail.