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Can I Top up My Pond in a Hosepipe Ban?

21st Nov 2019

I hope everyone’s enjoying the weather at the moment, I know that I am, however my garden is struggling even when watering it twice a day! Pond plants thrive in this weather though, and they are also great for wildlife. A water Iris (below) is a perfect plant to attract pollinating bees, you just have to make sure to keep your pond topped up to keep them growing!

Most places in the UK have a Hosepipe Ban looming over them currently, and with the good weather set to continue for at least another 2 weeks this likely won’t be lifted any time soon.

‘Are you allowed to top up your pond in a hosepipe ban?’ is a question we are getting asked a lot here. You’ll be pleased to know, ponds are one of the few things that are exempt from a hosepipe ban. With the lack of rain I’m sure your water butts are empty just like mine is, so using a hosepipe to top up your pond is the only real option.

Pond With Plants | Bradshaws Direct

Ponds: You are allowed to use a hosepipe to fill or maintain a domestic pond or ornamental fountain where fish or other aquatic animals are being reared or kept in captivity. (Source:

When using tap water to top up a pond make sure you use a de-chlorinating treatment, this will make the water safe instantly. These products can either be put straight into the pond with the measuring cups provided or via a watering can. Remember though, you need to treat for the full pond not just the amount you’re topping up.

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