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Bradshaws Direct Shop Refurbishment 2013

21st Nov 2019

Shop Refurb Day 1

Here at Bradshaws Direct we have been very busy refurbishing our shop! It has all been very exciting and very hard work.

Started last Monday by ripping out all our old fixtures and fittings - Don't worry all our fish were safe!

The staff had a bit of fun with a sledge hammer and the cash desk, as we have now moved where it is to create more space for our products.

Day 2 of the Shop Refurb

Day 2 consisted of a LOT of cleaning up. We cleared up all the water from the old tanks, started painting, and hired a large floor cleaner and spent a few hours making sure our floor got the shine back to it.

Cleaning the shop floor

Our regular customers and anyone following us on Facebook or Twitter will know we set up a temporary shop, so you can still come in and get all your Pond and Aquarium needs whilst we are refurbishing our main shop.

Bradshaws Temp Shop

Hozelock and Oase have provided us with new shelves and racking to display their great products on, such as the Hozelock Revolution Filter which has been very popular this year, and the Oase Pondovac 4.

Hozelock Racking

The shop is looking great now and next week we will be putting the stock on the shelves, and even more exciting building up our new Aquarium Products area of the shop! We have dedicated half of the shop to Aquarium and are getting displays and stock in from some great companies such as Eheim, Fluval and biOrb.

More exciting news about out shop and our Aquarium section to come!

Originally posted on our old website in 2013