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Blagdon Enhance LED Lights

21st Nov 2019

New to the pond world this year are Blagdon Enhance LED Lights. The Blagdon Enhance LED Lights come in single, 3 lights and 5 lights sets. They are now using LED technology so they have a far lower running cost than their predecessors, Blagdon Photech, and a hugely longer bulb life which is a great money saver. The Blagdon Enhance LED 5 lights set and 3 lights set have a 3 watt bulb per light. The single Blagdon Enhance LED Light set have an astonishingly bright 0.76 watt bulb.

Blagdon Enhance LED Lights submersible tray

Securing your lights to the bottom of your pond has always been an issue, however Blagdon have come up with a clever idea of a tray that attaches to the light that can be filled up with pebbles and weighted down, you can then angle the lights to illuminate what you want. Being able to angle the Enhance Lights also means you can use them to light up your fountain, water feature or a prized plant.

To create a different lighting effect the packs also come with 3 different coloured lenses; green, blue and red, so dependent on what type of effect you were after or your mood you can create it.

Blagdon Enhance LED Lights Red lense

However not only can you put these cost effective lights into your pond but the Blagdon Enhance LED Lights also come with a stake so you can put them in your garden and light it up. Maybe there is a tree that would look great lit up at night or a water feature that is begging to be bathed in blue lights.

Blagdon Enhance LED Light stake

The single Blagdon Enhance LED Light set is slightly different from the other sets of 5 and 3, as it has the added advantage of a day/night sensor so it automatically turns on at dusk and off in the morning.

Each set comes with a fully waterproof outdoor use transformer (IP69). Blagdon have thought of everything with these Enhance LED Lights so all you need to do is plug them in and place them where you want in your garden.

Wondering how to install Blagdon LED Lights or wondering where you can install the Blagdon Enhance LED Lights? We found this a bit tricky also, so have come up with this handy guide.

Blagdon Enhance LED Lights Single set Installation Guide

As you can see the single light has quite a big installation range, 8 metres from the plug.

Blagdon Enhance LED Lights 3 set Installation Diagram

The Blagdon LED Enhance Lights Installation range of the 3 lights set is also pretty impressive with a total of 10.5 metres from the plug to the manifold then each of the 3 lights are on the end of another 2 metres of wire. So no need to worry about having to clump all the lights together as this allows you to put plenty of space between them.

Blagdon Enhance LED Lights 5 set Installation Diagram

The 5 Lights set has a whopping 14.5 meters from the plug to the second manifold. This set also has the lights separate each on the end of 2 metres of wire. 2 of which are attached to the first manifold, which is 10.5 metres from the plug, the 3 other lights are attached to the second manifold which is 4 metres from the first manifold (14.5 metres from the plug). Gives you a large range of installation, you could even have some placed in your pond and the rest lighting up the garden.Let your imagination run wild.

Here at Bradshaws Direct we stock the complete range of Blagdon Enhance LED Lights, why not take a look and get a set for yourself today.

We also stock other items from Blagdon such as Blagdon affinity feature pools and Blagdon Power safe switch boxes.

 Blagdon Enhance LED Lights idea diagram

Originally posted on our old website in 2013