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Automate your Pond with Alexa

22nd Dec 2020

If you’ve ever wondered about the possibilities of automating your pond with Alexa (let’s be honest you probably haven’t but after seeing this vid you just might), then Adam Julyan is just the man to show you how to do it!

We really like Adam’s videos and this one is great not just for highlighting how Alexa (or similar) devices can be a boon in your pond and save you a lot of hassle (as well as being kind of cool), but you also get to see the inner workings of this dedicated pond hobbyist’s amazing setup! (Though we kind of dread to think of his energy bills, lol).

Adam has really gone for it with Alexa, using the incredibly versatile voice assistant in conjunction with smart plugs to turn his basement control room into the ponder’s version of Bruce Wayne’s Batcave!

Honestly it’s pretty impressive as Adam has allsorts of kit hooked up through his Smart Alexa system, including air pumps, de-humidifier, lights, drum filter and UVC’s, and he even has his pressure washer and pond vacuum hooked up for voice control – his pond vacuum positioned static and hooked up to an extended hose so he can easily get the suction where he needs it.

We think it’s pretty ingenious and yet probably also fairly simple with just Alexa, coupled with some smartplugs and a Phillips Hue Hub for controlling some of the lights. It’s probably never occurred to most pond keepers to use Alexa, but take a look at this video and you’ll see that with a little imagination the possibilities are endless.