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Add Oxygen to Your Pond with the Filtral and Accompanying Aeration Set

11th Jun 2021

The Oase Filtral Aeration Set is a fantastic little add-on to the Oase Filtral UVC All-in-one Filter Pump. It attaches directly to the Filtral Fountain Kit, but luckily every Filtral bought from Bradshaws comes complete with the Fountain Kit absolutely free so you don't have to worry about that.

This aeration set is great for adding extra dissolved oxygen to your pond. This will, in turn increase overall oxygen levels, while also enhancing biological activity and improving general water circulation in your pond. The set achieves this by employing the venturi principle.

Set up and Use

Oase Filtral Aeration Set

The set is supplied with a clear injector nozzle which screws in to the side outlet of the Fountain Kit regulation valve. This then takes a small portion of the outlet flow and uses it to provide venturi oxygenation. A length of flexible hose is used to branch off and clip on to the fountain stem of the Filtral filter. The end sits above the water level, draws air from the surface and ejects it into the water as a stream of fizzing bubbles - which adds diffused oxygen to the pond.

The air injector nozzle is rotatable so that you can direct the stream to wherever you want it. The aeration set is a great low cost way to add oxygen to your pond which in turn will greatly benefit your fish and improve water circulation in your pond.

As mentioned, to add the Aeration Set to your Filtral you will also need the Oase Filtral Fountain Kit. All our Filtrals come with the accompanying fountain kit FREE of charge! Just add any Filtral UVC All-in-one pump to your basket and the Fountain Kit will be automatically be added to your basket also.