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A Quick Guide to Green Water Solutions

2nd Jul 2021

The best way to deal with Green Pond Water is to use a UV Clarifier , as the Ultra Violet Clarifier clumps the algae together making it large enough to be removed by your pond filter .

A great UVC to use in conjunction with your pond filter is the PondKraft Stainless Steel High Powered UVC. It has a higher UV efficiency thanks to its stainless steel reflective interior. You can get it in 40 or 75 watts, and they come with wall brackets for your convenience. Also has a 2 year guarantee as standard.

For smaller ponds or ones with less live stock Green Pond Water Treatments will be a better (and cheaper) option.

Nishikoi Goodbye Green Water Pond Treatment is an easy treatment to use, they are water-soluble sachets which you simply drop into the water on a weekly basis. Nishikoi Goodbye Green Water contains enzymes, bacteria cultured on barley straw, and activated barley straw. It also has a 5 star review rating from customers who have previously bought it.

Here at Bradshaws we also created our own Get Rid of Green Water Pond Treatment. It comes in 250ml, 500ml and 1litre bottles.

These treatments will get rid of your green pond water but it will end up on the bottom of your pond as sludge, so these treatments are best used in conjunction with a Sludge Treatment.