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A New Home for Hershel

3rd Sep 2021

Here’s a great little video telling the story of Stacey and her 32 year old pet turtle Hershel (He’s actually a girl as you’ll see), and the pond build project for Hershel’s new home. It’s quite an impressive build actually that includes an intake bay, a sandy beach entry area and a cool natural looking waterfall created by the careful placing and building up of rocks and boulders at the pond edge.

Whenever we think of ponds we naturally think of koi and other pond fish, but we forget that our aquatic friends often share their home with a whole host of other species and Hershel is a good example of this. Stacey has had her friend and pet, Hershel since she was just 5 years old and it’s clear that Hershel is going to love his new ‘forever home.'