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20 Pot Hozelock Automatic Watering Kit Pro


Hozelock Automatic Drip Watering Systems That Are Up To 90% More Efficient Than Hosepipe Watering.
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Product Information

At Bradshaws Direct we now stock Hozelocks full range of products, this includes their brilliant automatic watering systems. These are perfect to keep your mind at ease if your on holiday as there is no more relying on people watering your prized plants and vegetables!

They can also be used as a fully automated system incorporating a Hozelock timer will in the long run save you a lot of money. Using a drip system with a timer allows you to use one of these system when there is a hosepipe ban which can be invaluble.

Speaking to Hozelock they are certain that these are one of the most sustainable and efficient forms of watering gardens. They believe in certain cases it is more than 90% more efficient than watering using a spray gun or a sprinkler. It is for this reason that drip irrigation is exempt from the UK hosepipe ban.

Perfect for use with:

- Gardens

- Lawns and borders

- Greenhouses

- Handing baskets

- Window boxes, pots and tubs

- Growbags and propagation units

Sku: HW2756

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