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Oase Sludge Collecting Bag


Oase Sludge Collecting Bag - Collects sludge and debris from your pond when used with a Pond Vacuum and returns seived water to your pond

Product Information

The Oase Sludge Collection Bag can be used in conjunction with a pond vacuum to collect sludge and debris for separate disposal. The fine mesh will sieve all particles of 1mm size and upwards.

Just attach to the outlet hose of your vacuum and position the bag back in your pond to return cleaner water to your pond after it's been through the vac. The collected sludge and debris can then be disposed of elsewhere.

  • Allows you to easily return pond water to your pond after vacuuming to remove sludge and debris
  • Will catch any particles of 1mm size and above
  • Easy to attach any pond vacuum discharge hose

Sku: OA28053

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