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Oase Skimmer 250 Pond and Lake Surface Skimmer


Oase Skimmer 250 Pond and Lake Surface Skimmer - Surface Skimmer for removing leaves, twigs, pollen and other debris from larger ponds and lakes with up to 250m² surface area

Special order product from Oase - please allow up to 6-8 weeks for delivery. 

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Product Information

Special order product from Oase - please allow up to 6-8 weeks for delivery. 

The Oase Skimmer 250 skims debris such as leaves, pollen and other floating materials from the pond surface and is suitable for larger ponds and lakes. It will effectively skim surface debris from pond surfaces up to 250m² (2690 sq. ft). Removing such debris is essential, as left unchecked, waste will decay and form a layer of nuisance sludge on the bottom of lakes and ponds, which can make the water dirty, murky and unhealthy for fish and other wildlife.

Part of Oase’s Lake Management (LM) range the Skimmer 250 includes an integrated pump which supplies 15000lph water flow. This pump discharges water below the surface and so it also creates greater water circulation and increases oxygen levels in the water.

As it’s a floating skimmer it can be positioned wherever you like – suitable to be located in areas with water level fluctuations, and is easy to move to areas that are particularly troubled with build ups of floating debris, algae, leaves or duckweed.

Once located you can fix it in position with the anchoring and fastening components supplied. Debris and waste are collected through a 52cm (20.5”) wide skimmer flap. The deris then goes to an easily removable stainless steel collection basket for later disposal.

  • Skims surface debris, leaves pollen etc from pond or lake surfaces up to 250m² (2690 sq. ft)
  • Free floating design and pondside anchoring kit means ease of location
  • Includes integrated 15000lph pump – no need for separate external pump
  • Increases water circulation and oxygen enrichment thanks to the pump, and water movement
  • Collects debris through 52cm (20.5”) wide skimmer flap
  • Large easily removable and cleanable 27 litre stainless steel debris collection basket
  • 2 year guarantee


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