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Oase ProfiSkim Surface Pond Skimmer


Oase ProfiSkim Surface Pond Skimmer - Removes waste, leaves, pollen and other debris from pond surfaces

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Product Information

Oase AquaSkim Pond Skimmers skim debris such as leaves, pollen and other floating materials from the pond surface and are suitable for larger ponds. The ProfiSkim 100 will effectively skim surface debris from pond surfaces up to 80m², and the ProfiSkim Premium up to 65m². This makes for an invaluable addition to any pond, especially in autumn when the leaves start to fall. Removing such debris is essential, as left unchecked waste will decay and form a layer of nuisance sludge on the bottom of ponds.

ProfiSkims feature an innovative float mechanism and extra thick walls that ensure greater strength and stability even in larger bodies of water. The compact design means these skimmers are ideal for shallow water areas and they also feature a surface level adaptation mechanism. This means that the skimmer head will adjust its height in response to water level fluctuations (due to factors such as rainfall and evaporation etc.), within a range of up to 200mm.

Skimmed debris goes to a large 12 litre capacity stainless steel collection basket with 8mm mesh in the ProfiSkim 100, so it’s ideal for capturing waste of varied sizes but still safe for pond wildlife. ProfiSkim requires connection to a high flow through pump, and in this regard the Aquamax Eco Premium, Aquamax Eco Twin, and even ProfiClear Premium Drum Filters are perfect accompaniments.

As well as ridding your pond of rubbish on the surface, these skimmer units will also greatly reduce pond maintenance requirements and also result in improved water quality and clarity.

  • Easily remove waste, leaves and debris from the pond surface for easy disposal later
  • Highly stable positioning thanks to the innovative float mechanism and extra thick walls
  • Skimmer head that self adjusts up to 200mm to accommodate changing water levels
  • Free floating skimmer head that self adjusts up to 100mm (AquaSkim 20) or 120mm (AquaSkim 40) to accommodate changing water levels
  • Large, easy to clean stainless steel basket with 8 mm mesh width
  • Can be used in gravity-fed operation (DN 110) or pump-fed operation, incl. 2" (50 mm) adapter
  • Fish and amphibian-friendly, thanks to low flow speed at the overflow edge
  • Can be used with existing pumps and is ideally suited to use with Aquamax Eco Premium, Aquamax Eco Twin, and ProfiClear Premium Drum Filters
  • Generous 5 year manufacturer warranty (3, + 2 extra years upon registration)
  ProfiSkim 100 ProfiSkim Premium
Dimensions (L x W) 780 x 585mm 500 x 340mm
Net weight (kg) 13.06 9.1
Height adaptation 350 - 550mm
Connections, outlet 50mm (2")
Connections, outlet 50mm (2"), DN 110
Rec. flow rate (pump-fed) l/h 10000-20000 6000-16000
Rec. flow rate (gravity-fed) l/h 10000-20000 6000-12000
Filter volume 12 Litre 7 Litre
Pond surface, max. 80² 65²


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