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Oase IceFree 4 Seasons (Ice Preventer and Floating Fountain)


Oase IceFree 4 Seasons - An Ingenious all year round device that's an ice preventor in the winter and an attractive fountain and oxygenator through the spring and summer.

Product Information

The Oase IceFree 4 Seasons is an ingenious little device. Its versatility means that you can use it all year round. In the winter it’s an excellent ice preventer effective down to -20°C, that ensures a section of your pond surface remains ice free and so allows the essential exchange of gasses and oxygen at the pond surface.

When the spring and summer roll around you can attach the included nozzle attachments to create a variety of attractive fountain patterns. As well as looking superb, this of course also has the advantage of increasing surface movement in the pond and therefore helping to oxygenate it.

It’s economical to run too, consuming just 5 watts of power! Compare that to most pond heaters or air pumps and you can see this can really save you money all year round and add a great looking fountain too.

  • Robust Float - Polystyrene float with a durable modern design plastic coating
  • Works down to -20°C (with a minimum water depth of 40cm)
  • Includes a Pump bag – prevents the fountain clogging during the summer months
  • Energy efficient pump technology - only a 5-watt power consumption.
  • Vulkan nozzle - creates a 2 tiered fountain up to 75cm high and ensures good oxygen enrichment of the pond
  • Lava nozzle - Small bell fountain (approx. 5cm). Ideal for a quiet display without splashing
  • Hose sections - Two hose sections can be connected easily depending on winter or summer use
  • 2 year Oase guarantee

Sku: OA49992

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