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Oase Filtoclear Pressurised Filter (UVC) 5000


Oase Filtoclear Pressurised Filter (UVC) 5000

Product Information

The Oase Filtoclear 3000 delivers top-notch cleaning and very easy maintenance. A built-in UV clarifier gets rid of green water and the foam filters remove solid waste particles. Crystal clear water is guaranteed.

Made by German company Oase to exacting standards these filters come with a 3 year guarantee. Water is needs to be pumped into the filter (ideally from an Oase Aquamax pump) where it passes over the UV light and then through to the foam layers. Over time these layers will become dirty and water flow will reduce, slowing down the waterfall. This happens in all pond filters but in the Oase Filtoclear the cleaning process is simple. All you need to do is turn a dial on the top of the filter, from run to clean, and then pump up and down on a handle. This will squash the foams inside the filter and loosen the dirt while the water flow has been reversed, washing all the dirt down a waste pipe and onto your garden.

The inlet and outlets are on the top of the filter and so you can partially bury the unit in the ground to help disguise it.

  • Easy clean function
  • Clear water guarantee
  • 20-40mm hose
  • 9 watt UV
  • 2 year guarantee

Sku: OAFL220500

Lifetime Guarantee

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