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Oase Filtoclear Pressurised Filter (UVC) 13000


Oase Filtoclear Pressurised Filter (UVC) 13000

Product Information

Oase are a German company famous for their high quality pond products. The Oase Filtoclear 12000 is part of their flagship filter range and delivers the two things most desired by pond keepers, clear water and easy maintenance.

As a pressurised filter the Filtoclear 12000 can be positioned at any point between your pump (that's in the pond) and the waterfall that returns water to the pond. As the inlets and outlets are at the top of the filter it can buried in the ground with only its top showing so it's easier to hide than a big box filter would be. Water from your pump comes into the filter and then is cleaned by the UV and foams inside, making the water clean and clear as it leaves by the outlet pipe.

All the dirt that is collected in the filter sticks to the outside of the foams as the water passes through (a bit like a coffee filter) and this builds up over time. Performance and water flow will reduce as the dirt builds up. To clean it is very simple, turn the dial on the top of the filter from run to clean. Water will flow in the opposite direction to normal within the filter pushing the dirt back off the foams and into suspension in the waste water. This then leaves the filter via a waste outlet and can be directed either down the drain or onto your flowerbeds (the nitrate rich water is good plant food). A well-made handle on the top of the filter can be pulled up and down to squash the foams inside the filter, this is like wringing them out and removes much more of the dirt than back-flushing would alone. You can watch for the stream of waste water turning from sludgy brown to clear and you'll know that the process is finished. Then you just need to turn the cleaning dial back to run and your filter is clean.

  • Easy cleaning system
  • Clear water guarantee
  • 20-40mm hose
  • 18 watt UV
  • 2 year guarantee

Sku: OAFL221300

Lifetime Guarantee

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