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Oase Filtral All-in-one Pump - 6000


Oase 2019 Filtral All-in-one Pump - 6000

Product Information

The Oase Filtral is the easy way to keep your pond clean and clear. It combines a filter pump and an ultra violet clarifier (UVC) in one compact unit that sits on the bottom of your pond. With only one connecting wire, it's virtually hassle free and extremely easy to set up.

Two models available:

Filtral 2500 - suitable for nature ponds of up to 2500 litres or goldfish ponds of up to 1300 litres.

Filtral 5000 - suitable for nature ponds of up to 5000 litres or goldfish ponds of up to 2500 litres.

  • Includes pump, mechanical and biological filter and 11w UVC
  • Oase clear water guarantee
  • 2 Year Guarantee

To view further information on the Oase Filtral All-in-One, please click here.

Sku: OANF0600

Lifetime Guarantee

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