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Hozelock Aquaforce 8000

MSRP: £372.59
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Hozelock Aquaforce Pond Pump 8000

Product Information

Hozelock are known for the reliability and quality of their products and the Aquaforce 8000 Pond Pump lives up to this reputation. A firm customer favourite this pump is perfect for pumping water from your medium sized pond to a waterfall and or a filter. It is low maintenance and has low running costs backed up by a 3 year guarantee.

Designed to run all the time it has a cleverly designed cage that protects the pump from being damaged by stones or other solid particles but allows through solids up to 10mm in size that will pass straight through the pump. The cage is simple to open, with two strong catches, and can be easily cleaned out when it is finally necessary.

There is the added benefit of an inner cage that you can use to reduce the size of particles drawn into the pump so as to protect baby fish or tadpoles at the times of year when they are around. It'll mean that the pump needs a little more cleaning while fitted but you can remove it when they get a bit bigger, putting the inner cage back the following year if needed.

This model comes with a secondary inlet so you can attach a skimmer or satellite strainer.

  • Hose size 25-40mm
  • Wattage 95 watts
  • 3 year guarantee

Hozelock is commonly spelled incorrectly as Hoselock.

Sku: HZAF0800

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