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Hozelock Aquaforce 15000

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Hozelock Aquaforce Pond Pump 15000

Product Information

The Hozelock Aquaforce 15000 is the most powerful pump in the Aquaforce range. Pumping up to 15000 litres per hour it is designed to operate for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Hozelock's reputation for quality and reliability will give you confidence that this is an excellent pump. It will push water from your pond to a filter and/or waterfall with very little need for maintenance.

Around the pump is a strong, moulded cage with 10mm holes in the outside. This lets large particles of dirt into the pump but stops larger stones, that might damage it, from entering. It requires little cleaning but when it is necessary two simple clips open the cage easily and let you swish out the inside with a hose pipe.

The Aquaforce 15000 has a Wildlife Protection System (WPS) that prevents damage to tadpoles or baby fish. A large pump like this could suck them into the pump without it. An extra, narrow mesh, inner cage is included with the pump. You put this into the outer cage when needed (spring time usually) and it reduces the size of the particles that can be drawn into the pump, protecting the wildlife. Once they've grown a bit you can take it out to resume normal operation.

The Aquaforce 15000 can also be attached to a satellite strainer or skimmer via its secondary inlet.

  • Hose size 25-40mm
  • Wattage 180 watts
  • 3 year guarantee

Hozelock is commonly spelled incorrectly as Hoselock.

Sku: HZAF1500

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