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Bermuda Automatic Fish Feeder and Free Timer


A sturdy weatherproof mains powered auto feeder ideal for medium to large ponds. Set feeding times & vary the amount of food and the distance it’s propelled

Product Information

The Bermuda Automatic Fish Feeder is a sturdy weatherproof mains powered auto feeder that’s perfect for medium to large ponds. It can be set to dispense measured amounts fish food at scheduled times throughout the day. What’s different with this feeder though is that it’s also capable of propelling the food over varying distances through a wide arc. This means that more of your fish get a good feed, instead of all the food being dispensed close to the unit meaning the quicker, closer or more dominant fish may get the lion’s share.

Both the distance the food is propelled and the amount of time the hoppa dispenses for can be adjusted. Scheduling feed times can be set using the included FREE timer or by coupling the unit with the Bermuda Wi-Fi Controlled Pressure Filter or the Bermuda Wi-Fi Controlled Filter Pump. (You will need to use the timer or one of these 2 products in order for the unit to function properly).

The feeder is mains powered, so is ideal for feeding while you’re on your summer holidays or away from home for extended periods. The large 6 litre capacity also helps in this respect. It’s easy to install and features an anti-clogging design.

  • Ideal for medium to large ponds and koi ponds
  • Also perfect for holiday feeding while you are away
  • With a 120° feeding arc, the ability to set the distance the food is propelled and the amount of time it’s propelled for - evenly distributed feeding is ensured
  • Weatherproof
  • Easy to install with included mounting legs and fixing pegs
  • Mains powered for uninterrupted operation (6 metre mains cable)
  • Extra strong motor and bottom ventilation to prevent clogging
  • 6 Litre capacity, dispenses across a 120° arc, from 1 – 3 metres distance
  • 37 x 31 x 40cm

Sku: BER4003

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