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Oase Pontec PondoSolar Control - Solar Fountain Pumps


Oase Pontec PondoSolar Control - Solar Fountain Pumps - Easy positioning and zero running costs. Chargeable battery (on 250 and 600 models) means fountain can operate during dusk and night hours too.

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Product Information

Solar Energy is here – and there are now many solar water gardening products available that allow you to save money and be kind to the environment These Solar Fountain Pumps from German brand Oase Pontec, take full advantage of this cutting edge technology.

Oase Pontec PondoSolar Fountain Pumps give you the option of setting up a fountain easily and with no running costs pretty much wherever you want to. No need for a mains supply means that anywhere there is sun throughout at least part of the day you can make use of this game changing tech. The 250 and 600 models also employ the very latest rechargeable battery technology, so that you can store charge for later use when there is no sunlight available.

The 250 and 600 Control models feature LED lighting and a handy remote control unit that gives full control, meaning you can enjoy the soothing sound and visuals of your fountain whenever you like. Control options allow separate control of timer function, flow rate (and fountain height), and on-off controls for the pump and light ring.

Pondosolar Fountain pumps are available in 3 sizes. Both Pondsolar Control Models (250 and 600) feature remote control, and LED lighting, whereas the 1600 just concentrates on providing more power (the 1600 model does not feature a rechargeable battery for use after dusk). The 250 model has four different fountain heads that deliver varying water patterns of up to 0.6m at up to 250lph. The 600 model has 2 fountain heads and a maximum fountain height of 0.8m at up to 600lph, whereas the 1600 model has 2 fountain heads and an impressive 1.8m maximum fountain height, at up to 1600lph.

All PondoSolar Fountain Pumps are supplied with mounting spikes, solar panels and 5 metres of cable to the pump, meaning you can easily position the panels away from the pump and where they will catch the most sunlight. For peace of mind Oase Pontec also offer a 2 year guarantee.

  • Solar Fountain Pumps with chargeable batteries for day or night use (250 and 600 models only - the 1600 does not feature a chargeable battery for use after dusk), which also allow easy installation, plug-free positioning and zero running costs
  • Up to 4 different fountain heads (depending on model, see above) provide varied water patterns up to a maximum height of 1.8m (see info above for full details)
  • Full kit – including; solar panels, ground stakes and 5 metres of cable to the pump
  • 3 models available providing up to 1600lph via low voltage solar panel power system
  • 2 year guarantee from Oase Pontec

PondoSolar Charge:

This optional charging unit allows you to charge up your PondoSolar 250 or 600 Control from the mains electric supply, so you can be sure you have plenty of power for night time operation or when the sun is not out.

  • PondoSolar Charge, Charging Unit - (230V/50Hz – 9V), for the PondoSolar 250 and 600 Control
  • Supplied with UK 3 pin plug (not as shown in generic product image)

Please Note: The 1600 model does not feature a chargeable battery for use after dusk.

Please Note: We are unable to ship these items to locations outside of the UK mainland.


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