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Oase DuoBoost Filter Start Treatment - 5cm 250ml


Oase DuoBoost - 2 phase bacterial filter start treatment.

Product Information

This new treatment from Oase works in two ways. First it adds beneficial bacteria and enzymes that remove organic waste, ammonia and nitrite that are a problem in new pond and filter set ups, helping to keep fish safe from the harmful effects. Next they dissolve slowly releasing important trace elements and minerals that are often missing from garden ponds.

You can put DuoBoost straight into the filter or, using the net nag provided, into the pond. Choice of two sizes of gel ball.

DuoBoost 5cm 250ml treats up to 20,000 litres

DuoBoost 2cm 250ml treats up to 30,000 litres

DuoBoost 2cm 2.5 litres treats up to 90,000 litres

Sku: OADB78110

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