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Evolution Aqua Cetus Sieve


The Evolution Aqua Cetus Sieve - 300 micron bow screen pre filter sieve - reduces excessive backwashing and maintenance of your filter system caused by heavy solids

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Product Information

The Cetus Sieve from Evolution Aqua is a bow screen pre-filter that is the next level in filtration. This new 'Universal' version is suitable for both pump fed and gravity fed systems. It uses the latest rotational moulding technology. Constructed as a single complete moulded unit it features a flush fitted 300 micron screen which will retain large pieces of waste and debris.

With it’s maximum flow rate of 18000 litres per hour it’s ideal for use with large ponds. It also comes complete with flexible boots to connect to pipework meaning it’s easy to install.

This unit will strain away large pieces of debris and waste. The water then flows to a filter, meaning that this set up reduces the workload that those filters have to cope with, meaning they will last longer, work more efficiently and require less maintenance. The Cetus Sieve is the perfect compliment to the Nexus Eazy or Eazy Pod, or indeed any pressurised filter. It will also allow a skimmer or bottom drain to accept huge amounts of waste without excessive cleaning needing to be carried out.

In the pump fed configuration the sieve must be positioned above the pond water level and the exit water is then gravity dropped into your main filter. In the case of a gravity fed set up the Cetus features a variable inlet height thanks to the patented Pondflow Regulation System. This system allows for differing water levels without allowing the pump to be starved of water.

The system results in reduced backwashing and maintenance caused by heavy solids. Other benefits include increased levels of oxygen entering the flow as the water is moved vigorously through the sieve.

  • 300 micron sieve with a perfect fit so that no water can bypass
  • Robust 1 piece moulding with superb build quality meaning great reliability and easy installation
  • Greatly reduces backwashing and maintenance of pressurised filters
  • Perfect for mechanically filtering skimmer lines
  • Patented Pondflow Regulation System, that allows for constant flow with gravity fed water level fluctuations
  • Large, easy to clean waste collection area
  • Maximum flow rate of 18000 litres (4000 gallons) per hour makes it suitable for large ponds

FREE Delivery to qualifying postcodes when you Spend £60 or more*

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