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EV Evolution Aqua evoUV Information

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Evolution Aqua evoUV Information

Evolution Aqua are the latest company to hit the market with a brand new UVC, it was first released at the 2010 Telford show, where two prototype models were displayed. One of the first things we noticed about the evoUV was the build quality, which you just cannot help but be impressed by. The EA evoUVuses UV stabilised polymer that is standard across Evolution Aqua's state of the art filters. Using PE means that the EA evoUV has a higher reflective index than most other UVC's, this makes sure that the bulb and the integrated ballast last longer and the unit is less likely to overheat. This UVC though also incorporates a built in thermal cut off switch, so in the unlikely event that the unit did overheat, the UVC would switch itself off before any major damage was caused.

Multifunctional LED

Most UVC's on the market relay on you being able to see the UV bulb lit and working at night, this is an ok but somewhat primitive method. If you ever need to check during the day whether your UVC unit is working it can be tricky, especially as you are unable to look directly at a UV bulb whilst it's switched on. Evolution Aqua have cleverly supplied a UVC to the market where this problem is eradicated, the multifunctional LED light on the front of the unit will give clear indication if the UVC unit has stopped working, as the LED will be totally turned off. This multifunctional LED also logs every hour that the UV bulb is working. This means that when the LED is slowly flashing need to change the UV bulb. This is because the 9000 hours operating time that your UV bulb will work to its optimum are nearly over, this gives you sufficient time to place an order for a new bulb. If the LED happens to be flashing really fast, this means that the bulb has failed and that the unit needs to be stripped down and checked for any leaks.


Easy Positioning and Mounting

If you are going to position your evoUV outside or in an area where it is likely to get splashed regularly with water, then you must mount the unit the correct way up, as shown in the illustration below. If your evoUV will be positioned in a permanently dry environment then it can be installed in any position.

Your evoUV must not be submerged in water or placed in a position where water may collect around the unit. The electrics within the evoUV units are sealed in a water tight unit. evoUV has an IP rating of X5, the evo110 model is IP64.

Please ensure that there is enough space at one end of the evoUV to enable bulb / quartz sleeve removal and maintenance.


evoUV Mounting

Fitting evo110 Mounting Brackets

Two stainless steel mounting brackets are included with the evo110. These are located within the cardboard packaging end fitment. Hex screws and nuts are pre-installed in position to secure the brackets to the unit.

PLEASE NOTE: Wall mounting screws and washers are not provided.


evoUV Performance Table

Model Max. Pond Size Max. Flow Rate (ph) Wattage Inlet/Outlet Fittings Supplied Dimensions (L x H x D) mm
Evo 15

15000 litres 3300 Gallons

7500 litres, 1650 Gallons

15w (1 x 15w T8)

1.5 inch 2 x 1.5 inch Threaded Hosetails 530 x 167 x 88
Evo 25 20000 Litres 4400 Gallons

10000 Litres, 2200 Gallons

25w (1 x 25w T8) 1.5 inch 2 x 1.5 inch Threaded Hosetails 580 x 167 x 88
Evo 30 30000 Litres 6600 Gallons 15000 Litres, 3300 Gallons 30w (1 x 30w T8) 1.5 inch 2 x 1.5 inch Threaded Hosetails 980 x 167 x 88
Evo 55 55000Litres 12100 Gallons 20000 Litres, 4400 Gallons 55w (1 x 55w T8) 1.5 inch 2 x 1.5 inch Threaded Hosetails 980 x 167 x 88
Evo 75 75000 Litres, 16500 Gallons 25000 Litres, 5500 Gallons 75w (1 x 75w T8) 1.5 inch 2 x 1.5 inch Threaded Hosetails 1280 x 167 x 88
Evo 110 75000 Litres, 16500 Gallons 25000 Litres, 5500 Gallons 110w (2 x 55w T8) 2 inch No Fittings Supplied 1055 x 230 x 160








The Brand New evo110

The new 110 Watt model is designed for ponds up to 75,000 litres. The entire range is manufactured in house by Evolution Aqua, who are one of the most trusted and respected UK manufacturers of pond and water gardening equipment.





Evolution Aqua's Trouble Shooting Guide

My pond water is not clear, is this due to the evoUV not working correctly?

Koi goldfish and other pond inhabitants can cause murky water within a pond, they do this by stirring up the bottom of the pond. This murky water can often be confused with algae, which it is not, it is however a form of pond sludge or silt. You will need to check that your filters and pump are working efficiently and that they are the correct size for your pond.

If the UV bulb is not lit, then you need to check the power to your unit.

  • Has your RCD tripped? If yes, check all the wiring and reset.
  • Examine the UV bulb for signs of failure, and replace if necessary.
  • Is the UV bulb fitted correctly? Making sure that the power to the unit is turned off, unscrew the end caps and ensure correct fitting, then switch the power back on.

My UVC worked fine when I first installed it, but now the water has started to go green, what is wrong?

The quartz sleeve that is inside your evoUV may have become dirty and require cleaning. Also make sure that the model is the right size for your pond. You need to make sure that your filtration is removing all the fish waste and debris efficiently, if it is not the algae will have its optimum growing conditions. If it is none of the above reasons please give us a call.


Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I change my UV bulb?

The evoUV bulb and most other UV bulbs have an effective lifespan of 9000 hours, it's a common thing normally to replace the UV bulb every spring and that way you never forget.

How long after i install the unit will my pond become clear?

There can be many factors which will effect how long it takes your pond to clear, such as the level of nutrients in the pond water at the time of introducing your UVC, the water temperature and sunlight levels can also be a major factor. Assuming that all your equipment is matched up correctly, most ponds will take 1 - 2 weeks to clear. If you are experiencing a longer than expected time please give us a call!

Does the evoUV harm fish, plants or wildlife?

Ultraviolet bulbs leave no residues in the water, they only affect the water pumped through the unit. Unlike some other chemicals a UVC will not harm the plants and animals living in your pond water.

Is the evoUV suitable for salt water

The evoUV has been specifically designed to use materials that will not corrode in salt water and it is also safe to use on any marine systems.

Can the UVC be used when using any treatments for my fish?

For this it's normally best to turn your UVC off, the treatment that you happen to be using will always have instructions of use on the bottle/box. If in doubt just give our sales team a call.

How long should I leave my UVC running for?

All UVC's are designed to be run 24 hours a day, with the evoUV it has been designed using only the highest grade components, and should be running every day from mid March to the middle of October depending on autumnal weather conditions. If you have the unit frost protected it can be left running throughout the winter, if it is not the unit should be removed from the electrical source, drained and stored safely for the winter.

Can I bury the unit underground?

No. UVC's are not safe to bury underground. Although they are weatherproof, underground they could become fully submurged in water.

Can the evoUV be used with ozone?

Yes is the simple answer to this, but the o-rings and hosetails that are supplied are not, when using an ozone unit you will need to use rigid piping.

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