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Blagdon Pressure Filter



Pressurised Pond Filter from trusted UK manufacturer Blagdon Interpet. Very high build quality and a 2 year guarantee.

Available on their own or with the reliable and economical PondKraft Eco Filter Pump, hose and clips at a fantastic price!

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Product Information

Blagdon Pressure Filter

Trusted UK manufacturer Blagdon make these high quality pressure filters. They are simple to install and even easier to clean. When you need to clean the filter just turn the sturdy dial on the top to ‘clean’ and the filter will be back flushed. Dirty water comes out of the waste pipe and can be directed into the flower beds or down a drain. Once it runs clear turn back to ‘normal’ and you’re done.

They can be part buried, up to the outlets, to help you hide it in your garden.

The heavy duty construction of these filters really stands out from the competition. They have a series of foams inside to trap the dirt and a cassette containing bio media that will keep the water safe for your fish.

  • Self-Cleaning
  • Simple to change UVC bulb
  • Sturdy construction
  • Can be part buried

    The capacity of the filters is:
  • 4000 suits a goldfish pond of up to 2250 litres or a nature pond of 4000 litres
  • 6000 suits a pond of up to 3375 litres or a nature pond of 6000 litres

You can choose to buy these as a kit that includes a PondKraft Eco Filter Pump, 5 metres of 40mm diameter hose and clips. The PondKraft Eco is a modern solids handling pump that is low maintenance and has low running costs.

With the 4000 filter you'll get a PondKraft Eco 5000 and with the 6000 filter you'll get a PondKraft Eco 6500.

There is a huge saving when you buy the kit rather than buying the components separately.

Still not sure? Please take a look at our guide on how pressurised filters work and how to install them.


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