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Blagdon Affinity Feature Pool Accessories


Blagdon Affinity Feature Pool Accessories
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Product Information

To go with the Blagdon Affinity Feature Pool, we have a range of optional add-ons, upgrades and accessories.

Inpond All-In-One 5w Green Water UV Clarifier

This 5 watt UV Clarifier will ensure that your pond water stays clear of algae, and prevents it from going green. It is simple to fit into the filter, and comes with a clear water guarantee and a 2 year warranty.

Affinity Waterfall – For Octagon Pool

An added extra, this is a waterfall for the Octagon Affinity Feature Pool. Simple to install, it is a beautiful addition to your feature pool that will stand out in your garden and create a relaxing atmosphere.

Affinity Window Cleaning Pads - Pack of 6

A pack of 6 window cleaning pads for cleaning the unique Affinity viewing windows. It is vital that the windows are treated carefully and only cleaned using a fresh Affinity window cleaning pad, this it to avoid seriously damaging the strong but delicate PVC window surface. It is advisable for both the inside and outside surfaces of the windows.

Affinity Planting Basket and Fitting

You can add additional planting baskets to the pool in the same way as you fitted the one that comes in the kit. For ease of fitting, we advise only fitting one to every other panel. This basket comes with the fixing bracket.


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