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Bermuda MultiPump 2000L - All In One Pump, Filter, UV and LED Lights


Bermuda MulltiPump 2000L - All In One Pump, Filter, UV and LED Lights

Everything you need and more - for small to medium sized ponds

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Product Information

The Bermuda MulltiPump 2000L - All in One, is a great versatile pump suitable for small to medium ponds that comes with everything you need, and a few extras!

With a powerful 2000lph pump it’s suitable for ponds up to 4500 litres (1000 gallons), and features mechanical and biological filter media, as well as boasting an 11 watt UVC to help achieve crystal clear water.

As if that wasn’t enough it also comes with a set of 3 colour changing LED lights, with a light sensor to activate automatically when dark, and it can run a fountain and water feature to boot. The LED lights are fully submersible and can be mounted to the pump itself (to illuminate the fountain for instance), or can be positioned separately from the pump in a chain of 3 lights, either in or out of the water (at the pond edge for instance).  

The pump hosetail will fit 12, 20 and 25mm hose (not included) for running a water feature, and the fountain stem comes with different fountain heads and even a fully rotatable stem, that means you can adjust its angle to give you a straight vertical fountain stem even on an uneven pond bottom. There is also a flow adjuster located on the fountain stem.

The tough sturdy case is easily removable and provides access to the pump unit, UVC, the mechanical foam filters and 2 types of biological media – ceramic and plastic.

Providing everything you need and more, this purchase represents superb value in a high quality multi-feature all in one unit - Pump, Filter, UV and LED Lights.

  • All in One Pump, Filter, UVC and LED Lights
  • Ideal for also running both a fountain and waterfall/water feature
  • Pump and hosetail will fit 12mm, 20mm and 25mm hose (not included)
  • Colour Changing LED Lights (4.5 watt). Automatic light sensor that switches on the lights when it gets dark
  • Lights can be used in or out of the water either attached to the pump unit (to illuminate the fountain for instance), or positioned in a 3 light chain pondside or elsewhere (4.5m cable length)
  • Includes both mechanical (foam) and biological (ceramic and plastic) filtration media
  • Powerful 11 watt Ultra Violet Clarifier (UVC) unit to help achieve crystal clear water
  • 2000Lph pump (45 watt)
  • Suitable for ponds up to 4500 litres (1000 gallons)
  • Fully submersible unit
  • Low voltage extension cables available to order

Sku: BER0620

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