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Bermuda Eco Filter Pumps


Great value pumps that are designed to be cheap to run and maintenance-free. They’re perfect for running waterfalls or filters and can keep running 24/7

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Product Information

These great value pumps are designed to be cheap to run and maintenance-free. Bermuda is a great UK brand that has many new and innovative products.

These pumps are perfect to run waterfalls or filters and they are designed to run 24 hours a day all year. They are quiet and easy to clean. The holes in the outer cage will allow solid particles up to 6mm in size to pass through and these will then end up in your filter, keeping the pond clean.

Ideal for use with a pressurised filter like the PondKraft Pressurised Filter.

  • Accepts up to 6mm solids
  • Fits hose size 20-40mm
  • 3 year guarantee


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