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Bermuda Extendable Blanketweed Brush


Tough extendable Blanketweed Brush by watergarden specialists Bermuda

Product Information

As you’ll know, blanketweed can be a real nuisance and the bane of any pond keeper. However with this new Blanketweed Brush by watergarden specialists Bermuda, you can deal with it quickly and easily. Just extend the handle as needed, place the brush in the blanketweed and twist and lift out to remove those nuisance strings of weed.

The telescopic pole can be extended from 4ft to 6ft (122 – 183cm), and the brush adds another 1.5ft (48cm), giving a total reach of app. 7.5ft (231cm). The tough nylon brush head will pluck that weed out a treat, and the sturdy aluminium pole is both light and strong. The whole thing is manufactured exclusively by renowned brush tool and mop makers Charles Bentley.

  • A simple and easy way to remove nuisance blanketweed from your pond
  • Easy reach extendable strong yet light aluminium handle/pole
  • Tough nylon brush head, perfect for plucking blanketweed out of pond water
  • Handle/pole extendable from 4 to 6ft (122 – 183cm) and with the attached brush head, gives a total reach of 7.5ft (231cm)
  • Manufactured exclusively for Bermuda by renowned brush tool makers Charles Bentley


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