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Velda T-Tronic Blanket Weed Controller 35


Velda T-Tronic Blanket Weed Controller

Product Information

The ultimate and permanent cure for Blanket Weed. The Velda T- Tronic introduces copper ions into the pond water top stop the formation of Blanket Weed and Algae. This technology is the same as that used to stop bottled water going green on the supermarket shelves.

The unit should be connected into the hose between your pump and filter, it needs a power connection too.

A control unit is attahced to it and this can be used to electronically change the settings to suit your pond's conditions.The copper anode inside the unit needs to be replaced from time to time. How often depends on usage but shoud be no more than once each year. We stock the Spare Anodes for all sizes.

  • See results within 2 - 4 weeks
  • 1 year guarantee
    Available in four sizes:
  • T-Tronic 5 - treats up to 5000 ltr ponds
  • T-Tronic 15 - treats 3000 to 15000 ltr ponds
  • T-Tronic 35 - treats 10000 to 35000 ltr ponds
  • T-Tronic 75 - treats 20000 to 75000 ltr ponds

The I-Tronic is safe for your fish, but very high concentrations of copper ions may be harmful to frogs and other amphibians.

Sku: VETF35

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