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Velda Laser Guard Electronic Heron Deterrent


Velda Laser Guard Electronic Heron Deterrent - the perfect high tech solution to protecting your fish from Heron and other predators and pests

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The Velda Laser Guard Electronic Heron Deterrent is a novel, ingenious and effective way to scare herons and other pests away from your pond, so protecting your much loved fish from injury or worse!

Herons in particular are a danger to pond fish all year round. Come springtime herons are on the search for fish to feed their young. In the summer months young heron have matured enough to be on the hunt for their staple food themselves (fish are the heron’s main feed). In autumn and winter the normal food supply is limited and pond fish become attractive and easy pickings for any hungry heron. With their long beaks even if they don’t steal your fish away they can do serious damage to any that remain in your  pond.

So that’s where this innovative deterrent technology comes to the fore. The Laser Guard will detect herons and other predators up to 12 metres away in a 100° arc, and will then employ a series of deterrent measures;

  • Firstly a flashing light with variable frequency will disorient and dissuade the unwelcome intruder.
  • If that doesn’t see the heron off then the next level of deterrent is employed, which is a circular array of green laser light. Herons, along with other birds see a different light spectrum to humans. Herons are actually particularly sensitive to green light and will see the rotating pattern of green laser light as solid moving objects – which the heron will interpret as potential danger.
  • The third and final level of deterrent is a speaker which will emit a mixture of sounds designed to scare the heron. The sounds include barking dogs, herons in distress and even the cry of the Heron’s natural enemy – the Deadly Arrow Poison Frog. This third acoustic level of deterrent can of course be switched off permanently if there is the possibility of the sounds disturbing neighbours and others close by.

This device is just the thing to keep your fish safe all year round.


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