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Velda Floating Plant Oasis 30 x 40cm


Velda Floating Plant Oasis - Easily add plants to your pond where no other positioning options exist. Create a fetching oasis of plant life anywhere on any body of water

Product Information

This new Floating Plant Oasis from Dutch company Velda is the ideal way to add plants to your pond if you don’t have shelves or want to cover some of the pond surface. Simply put the pots into the island and float it. Use a mixture of tall and low, spreading plants, and the plants will grow to cover the island making for a much more natural look.

The floating planter takes 6 pots of 9cm squared each. This is the ‘small’ size sold in most garden and aquatic centres.

  • Floating Plant Oasis made from Piocelan (an innovative foam polymer material)
  • Looks great in any garden pond or other body of water
  • Lightweight yet rigid and strong
  • Allows you to add plants where no shelves or other positioning options exist
  • Space for 6 planting pots of the standard 'small' size (9 x 9cm). Total size (30 x 40 x 4.5cm)
  • Please note - We don't sell 9cm planting baskets on their own, but all of our 1 litre marginal plants come in a 9cm basket perfect for this planter. You can view our range here 

Sku: VE127603

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