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Velda Floating Fish Dome



Pictures don't do this justice, so click the video in the gallery!

Amazing dome that floats on your pond and magnifies your fish.

Minimum pond depth 60cm (24")

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Product Information

This acrylic dome floats easily on your pond and can be installed in seconds.

Simply submerge the dome upside down (it's like a dish) and then turn it over while underwater. It will then pop up full of water and is ready for action. Pop some food into the dome from underneath using the Fish Food Scoop (sold seperately)* and watch as your koi swim into the dome. Amazing.

Dimensions are given below, available in 2 sizes, both are quite large and impressive items with black flotation rings. To install, you'll need at least 60cm of water depth, that's 24". It helps if you have a friend to assist with pushing it down into the water.

Medium Sized Dome:

Dome Diameter 36 cm

Total Diameter 56 cm

 Large Sized Dome:

Dome Diameter 46 cm

Total Diameter 89 cm

*Please note: The Fish Food Scoop is not included with the Velda Fish Dome, and has been discontinued by velda. 


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