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Tetrapond Crystal Water Pond Treatment


Tetrapond Crystal Water treats cloudy ponds

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Product Information

Tetrapond Crystal Water quickly clears dirty pond water by clumping suspended particles so that they sink to the base of the pond and are then removed by the filter. It binds cloudiness caused by clay particles or soil, as well as cloudiness caused by organic particles, such as fish waste, uneaten food or dead plant material. 

  • Effectively eliminates dirt particles
  • Improves the water quality in the pond, enhancing the well-being of fish and plants
  • Quickly creates crystal clear water for a significantly improved visibility depth
  • Works in a matter of hours
  • Easy to administer
  • Should not be used to combat algae
  • Not suitable for sturgeon-like fish

Availabe in 3 sizes:

    • 250ml - Treats 5000 Litres
    • 500ml - Treats 10,000 Litres
    • 1000ml - Treats 20,000 Litres

FREE Delivery to qualifying postcodes when you Spend £60 or more*

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