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Super Saver Fish Food Sinking Pellet 5kg


Super Saver Fish Food

Mix and Match 3 for 2

Product Information

Our special offer Super Saver Bradshaws Fish Food Bag lets you buy 3 bags for the price of 2 - saving you up to ?é?ú35.99!

You can mix and match between the bags and the cheapest one is FREE!

  • Our foods offer a well balanced diet for your fish
  • Pond sticks are suitable for April to Spring feeding
  • Wheatgerm pellets are suitable all year round
  • Koi Pellets are suitable for the summer period

    Bag quantities:
  • Pond Sticks - 3.5kg - usual price ?é?ú25.99
  • Wheatgerm Pellets - 6kg - usual price ?é?ú35.99
  • Koi Pellets - 6kg - usual price ?é?ú33.99

Sku: PESP4000

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