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PondKraft Surface Skimmer 50


Pump powered surface skimmer. Keeps the pond surface clear from debris.

Product Information

This Skimmer connects to the inlet of your pump. The pump draws water from the skimmer and this means that debris off the pond surface is drawn into a collection basket at the top. The basket can be easily emptied.

The wide base of the skimmer sits on the pond bottom and is weighted down with stones (not included). The central tube rises up from this base to the top of the skimmer where the basket is located.

The skimmer needs a pump with a flow rate of between 4000 and 16000 litres per hour. Pumps with a second inlet are ideal, such as the PondKraft Eco Dual Filter Pump or the Oase Aquamax Premium Filter Pump.

The skimmer can be used in depths of between 670 and 1040 mm or 310mm to 470mm (just remove the extension pipe) and will self adjust within these ranges for fluctuations of up to 160 mm.


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