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PondKraft Pond Nets Pentagon Fish Net Head 40 x 40cm


A net for every job in the pond!

Product Information

A complete range of nets that has something for every job.The Y shaped neck of these nets is made from metal and is very sturdy. This is usually the weakest part of a net and it is often made from plastic.The two handles will fit any of the nets so you can have a range of net heads for different jobs but only need one handle depending on the size of your pond.
    Handles sizes are
  • Telescopic up to 1.8 metres
  • Fixed 1.2 metres

The mesh on the nets varies depending on the job it needs to do. Fish nets have a large mesh so that they are faster in the water, helping you to catch those quick little fish. Algae nets have a really fine mesh so that they take out the small particles that cause the problem, this makes them very slow in the water, due to the drag of the pond net.

the Koi inspection net has a fine and very smooth mesh, to avoid damage to the fish, its sometimes easier to catch the fish in a fish net and then transfer it to the inspection net for a closer look. This net is very shallow for that purpose.

The sludge net has a medium mesh and a special guard o the front of it so that the net isn't damaged by contact with the pond bottom as you push it through the sludge, muck and stones.

We also have a handy Blanket Weed brush that fits on the end of the handles. This lets you remove the dreaded menace from your pond

All of these nets and handles are compatible with the blue Bermuda nets we've sold for a few years, so the heads and handles are interchangeable.

These nets come in all shapes and sizes for a variety of pond jobs. Whether you're removing leaves, catching koi or just about anything else you'll find the right net for the job here.

Any of the nets will fit the handle so you can have a choice of nets without needing to buy (and store) more than one handle.

The handle is strong and telescopic from 83 to 150cm (nearly 5') long.

Net heads available in 9 sizes:

  • Flat Inspection Net - 45 x 45cm
  • Oval Small - 32 x 24cm
  • Oval Medium - 40 x 30cm
  • Oval Large - 45 x 35cm
  • Oval Ex. Large - 55 x 45cm
  • Flat Head Small - 28 x 25cm
  • Flat Head Medium - 40 x 35cm
  • Flat Head Large - 45 x 40cm
  • Flat Head Ex Large - 50 x 45cm


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