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PondKraft Eco Filter Pump 3500

(You save £80.00 )

PondKraft Eco Filter Pump 3500

Product Information

These great value pumps are designed to be cheap to run and maintenance free. Over the last three years PondKraft filter pumps have become one of our best selling lines and this latest version is set to join them. Cheaper to run than ever before and still great value the PondKraft Eco Filter Pump is a great choice.

Perfect for running a waterfall or a filter these pumps will run all the time, day and night. They are quiet in operation and have a cage that can easily be removed if you need to clean them out. The pumps can take 6mm diameter solids, that means that particles of that size and smaller will be drawn into the pump and then pushed out of it up the hose without getting stuck. Larger particles will never enter the pump because of the outer cage.

These pumps work perfectly with the PondKraft Pressurised Filter and are sold with them in a great value set.

  • Accepts up to 6mm solids
  • Fits hose size 20-40mm
  • 3 year guarantee

Sku: PKEFP0350

Lifetime Guarantee

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