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PondKraft Fountain Pump Assembly

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When you receive your PondKraft Fountain Pump - included in the box are the pump, the fountain heads and the parts pictured below:

          pkfpa-a.jpg pkfpa-b.jpg pkfpa-c.jpg pkfpa-d-1.png 

1)    Firstly, take pieces A and B. Piece A screws onto the bottom of piece B (see first image below).

2)    Next, take piece C and screw this onto part B on the right hand side as shown in the 2nd image below. This is where your hose will attach to the pump.

3)    Piece D will also screw into the top of part B and will now create your fountain stem. You can control the water flow through adjusting the two dials on part B. You can also attach your chosen fountain head by pushing it into the top of part D.

4)    Finally just screw the assembled pieces shown in the final image below straight into the pump unit, and your fountain is now fully assembled.


     pkfpa-1.jpg pkfpa-arr1.gif pkfpa-2.jpg pkfpa-arr1-1-.gif pkfpa-3.jpg

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