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Oasis Clear Pond Pond Filter


Oasis ClearPond Pond Filter

  • Also available as a kit with a Pondkraft pump 
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    Product Information

    The Clearpond by Oasis is one of the best filter boxes on the market. Maintenance is simple and the extra stages of filtration guarantee clear healthy water for your fish.

    The filter has 7 stages of filtration:

    • UVC to make algae stick together and get caught in foams
    • Brushes remove large particles and are much easier to clean than foams alone
    • Coarse foam traps the next size of debris
    • A set of 3 finer foams remove algae and smaller particles (these are the standard foams found in most box filters)
    • Flocor biomedia provide a breeding ground for good bacteria which break down the waste and ammonia

    The Clearpond Filters have a sludge settlement area which keeps the gunge away from your foams and biomedia. The sludge drain lets you clean out the worst of the gunge without opening the box. You can attach a hosepipe (normal push-fit connector) to flush out the last few bits.

    • Inlet hose size 20, 25, 32 or 40mm
    • Outlet size 50mm (single on Clearpond 18, twin on all other sizes)
    • Clear water guarantee
    • Also available as a kit with a Pondkraft pump 
    Model Goldfish Pond Size (litres) Max Flow LPH UV Wattage Outlet Size
    Clear Pond 18 4500 3000 18w 50mm
    Clear Pond 25 9000 4800 25w 2 x 50mm
    Clear Pond 50 13500 9000 2 x 25w 2 x 50mm
    Clear Pond 80 17000 11350 2 x 40w 2 x 50mm



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