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Oase Eco Control (DMX) (replaces the previous model - Aquamax Eco Control)


Oase Eco Control - New for 2017 (replaces the previous model - Aquamax Eco Control) - Digital Control Unit for Oase Aquamax Eco Expert Pond Pumps and Oase Aquarius Eco Expert Pond Pumps

Product Information

The Oase Eco Control includes all the superb features of its predecessor the Oase AquaMax Eco Control, and in addition is compatible with the Oase Easy Garden Control (EGC) System and the FM Master Series and associated products.

The Eco Control is a clever little unit that allows superb control over AquaMax Eco Expert Pond Pumps and Oase Aquarius Eco Expert Pond Pumps via the supplied DMX-RDM Cable. As well as the control options the unit also offers feedback via the digital readout of just how exactly your pump is performing, and it will even alert you to potential faults. Both the device and the cable are fully weather proof with the control unit being protected to IP44 standard, and the cable and connectors to IP68, so there's no problem with underwater connection of the DMX-RDM Cable. It also won't take up any of your available power outlets as the device draws its power from the connected pump.

The unit allows you to vary the water flow, meaning that in larger ponds you can save yourself money on energy consumption and be Eco Friendly, as of course less flow is required for the winter months than in the summer. You'll also find this versatile device is great for regulating waterfalls and streams allowing you to vary the flow to the desired effect and of course save you money that way also.

Control options are further enhanced by linking the unit up to your home network via the InScenio FM Master WLAN EGC, which allows full control from the Oase Easy Garden Control app.

  • Effortlessly control Oase AquaMax Eco Expert Pumps and Oase Aquarius Eco Expert Pond Pumps; On/Off switching and flow control of attached pumps in 1% increments
  • Fully compatible with the Oase Easy Garden Control (EGC) System and the FM Master Series and associated products
  • Oase SFC (Seasonal Flow Control) - even further enhances energy consumption and efficiency - saving you even more money
  • Live display of power consumption and RPM
  • Fault reporting - No Water / Motor Blockage / High Temperature / High Power warnings
  • 3 Year guarantee from Oase 

Also available - DMX-RDM Cable in a variety of lengths.

Sku: OA47673

Lifetime Guarantee

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