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Oase Dynamix Food Sticks Mix Plus Snack 20 Litre


Oase Dynamix Food Sticks Mix Plus Snack 20 Litre

Product Information

Oase Dynamix is a pond fish food range that promotes natural growth and intense colours whilst helping to ensure clear pond water. The range includes flakes, sticks and koi pellets.

Dynamix food blends nutrients, natural pigments and prebiotics to optimal levels making it the perfect choice for creating healthy pond fish and clearer water. 

Oase Dynamix Sticks Mix + Snack are suitable for all pond fish types, and especially for those with natural and red colours. Dynamix Sticks Mix + Snack use a mix of Oase Dynamix Sticks Colour and Oase Dynamix Sticks Vital, with added shrimp to create a tasty nutritious treat mix for your fish.

That mix of Dynamix Vital and Dynamix Colour, that is ideal for keeping fish with red pigments and those with other natural colours together in the same pond, is still present in this food - but even fish love a tasty snack so why not treat them. As well as enhancing the intensity of natural colours and pigments, and aiding healthy digestion, the added shrimp also helps promote healthy bone and scale growth. So this food is not only a tasty treat, but it is also extremely good for the aquatic friends thriving in your pond.

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