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Oase Biosmart Filter


Oase Biosmart Filter - Easy to maintain pond filter with sludge drain to remove coarse debris. Water channelling adds extra oxygen enrichment. Can be partially hidden in the ground.
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Product Information

The Oase Biosmart Filter comes with a sludge drain for you to be able to remove coarse debris.

Special water channelling adds additional oxygen enrichment.

Easy maintenance thanks to cleaning handles.

Has a temperature display

Can be hidden in the ground up to a third of its height.

Biosmart UVC 16000, comes with an 11W UVC.

Biosmart 18000/36000 are compatible with the Oase Bitron C 24-36W and the Oase Vitronic UVC 18-36W.

These are also matched to be used with the Oase Aquamax Eco Classic Pond Filter Pump.

To help you choose the correct filter for your requirements please use our Performance Table


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