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OAFMS Oase Filtomatic Set Information

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Oase Filtomatic CWS Pond Filter Set Information

Oase Filtomatic Set Information 1

Performance Table 

Filtomatic CWS

(L x W x H) mm

UVC Wattage

Max Flow Rate (lph)

Max Pond Size (litres)

Goldfish Pond Size (litres)
Koi Pond Size (litres)


380 x 380 x 520






380 x 380 x 720






380 x 580 x 720





Sets Include:

Set Filter UVC Filter Pump
CWS Set 7000 FiltoMatic CWS 7000 11 W (UVC integrated) AquaMax Eco Premium 4000
CWS Set 14000 FiltoMatic CWS 14000 24 W (UVC integrated) AquaMax Eco Premium 6000
CWS Set 25000 FiltoMatic CWS 25000 24 W (UVC integrated) AquaMax Eco Premium 8000



State of the art control system

Oase Filtomatic Set Information 2

The Filtomatic comes with a hi-tec control system which controls your UVC for you and cleans your filter! The system turns your UVC on when it is needed and off when it isn't. This not only saves you money, but it prolongs the life of your UV bulb as well.

The only self-cleaning filter!

Oase Filtomatic Set Information 3

All the sludge and dirt that has fallen to the bottom of your filter needs to be removed. Usually you would have to do this yourself, which would be messy and time-consuming.

The Filtoclear does the cleaning for you, so you'll never have to do this again! The control system automatically turns on the sludge pump, which takes the sludge from the bottom of the filter up to the top and out of the discharge pipe. This happens at regular intervals. All you need to do is take off the lid occasionally and pull the handles on the foams to squeeze them out; just think how much time you could save!

Easy to Hide

Oase Filtomatic Set Information 4

A pond filter can look unsightly and be difficult to hide in your garden. The Filtomatic can be buried up to the outlet, making it much less obvious by the pond. If you want to hide it completely, there is also the option of a Filtomatic Cover 'Rock'. This cover will go over your filter and help it to blend in to the background.

How Does it Work?

Oase Filtomatic Set Information 5

  1. Water enters the Filtomatic from your pond pump.
  2. Water flows past the UVC, which makes the algae in the water stick together so it is big enough to be picked up by the foams later on.
  3. The water then flows down Oase's unique flow-regulating tower. As the water is moved in different directions by the tower, the flow rate slows down and sludge and dirt falls to the bottom of the filter.
  4. It then passes up through the filter foams in the main section of the filter. These foams remove any smaller bits of waste and algae and also provide a perfect breeding ground for friendly bacteria.
  5. Once the water has passed through all of these stages it flows back into your pond.

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