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OACP Oasis Clearpond Information | Bradshaws Direct

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Oasis Clear Pond Information

We have now stocked the Oasis Clear Pond at Bradshaws Direct for a good few years, we still believe it to be one of the best value for money filters around, due to several key features that help seperate it from other garden pond filters. The Oasis Clear Pond probably fits into the market as a top of the range  goldfish pond filter, however I would say the Oasis Clear Pond 50 will cope with  Koi ponds up to 9000 litres and also the Clear Pond 80 will cope with  Koi Ponds up to 12000 Litres, when matched up correctly with a suitable pump. This gives the Oasis Clear Pond a huge versatility selling point, and why in this price bracket it simply can't be beaten.

Oasis are a brand name to trust, they have been in the pond market now for over 40 years, starting with preformed pools and waterfalls to the internationally recognised company they are now, so if you're looking for a new filter, the Oasis Clear Pond is well worth considering.

Oasis Clear Ponds' Key Features explained

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UVC and Clear inlet

All good pond filters come with a UVC nowadays, the clear pond is no exception. All 4 models come with very powerful and balanced to the filter integrated UVC's, they are built into the lid of the Clear Pond unit for safety to keep them neatly tucked away from the elements. The job of a UV bulb is to flocculate (clump together) algae, the exposure to the UV light causes the outside layer of the algae cell to become damaged and inturn this allows the algae particles to stick together. These once tiny particles that would pass straight through your filter foams, are now much bigger and the foams in your Clear Pond filter are easily able to deal with the algae, which gives you a lovely algae free pond. To be able to maintain and make sure that the UV bulb is working to its optimum efficiency you need to change the UV bulb every spring, a UV bulb has approximately 8000 working hours, so make sure you change it every spring even if it does still light up. With the Oasis Clear Pond having clear hosetails it means that you can always check if the UV bulb is working should any problems occur, if you are unable to see the UV bulb working in the day, don't panic, it's much easier to see on a night as it will glow a vivid blue. The hostails on the Oasis Clear Pond will accept hose sizes from 12mm - 40mm, make sure that you use the maximum size available as a smaller hose size will restrict flow making the filter and your filter pumps performance much less.

The Oasis Clear Ponds' Seven Stages Of Filtration

Without a doubt the key selling point of the Oasis Clear Pond is the sheer amount of filtration you get for the size of the unit. The Oasis Clear Pond has based its design on multi stage koi filters and just compacted them down to suit the general garden pond user, this has been extremely succesful. The first stage of filtration is as above, the water is pumped from your filter pump within your pond to your UVC, which then flocculates the algae.

The water is then pumped into the first chamber of the Oasis Clear Pond filter, where as you can see from the above picture brushes are located. The brushes are designed to filter out all the sludge and heavy solids that get sent to your pond filter. Brushes are very easy to clean as you can use a hosepipe on them to rinse of all the sludge, they also last for ages, and by catching heavy solids they stop your foam layers from getting clogged up straight away, which prelongs the life of your  foams and saves you money.

Once the water has passed through the  brushes it moves underneath the middle chamber of the Oasis Clear Pond and up through the blue foams on the right hand side of the filter as seen in the above picture. These foams allow medium sized particles to be filtered so any small particles which are missed by the brushes, these when cleaning again can be rinsed clean with a hose pipe when cleaning making it much easier.

Once the water has risen through the blue foams, it flows over the cut out holes in the middle chamber of your Oasis Clear Pond filter. Here the water is sent through yet more foams, three in all, these foams layers are responsible for filtering out all the algae, dust and pollen that may have been picked up by your filter pump, the fine density of the foams means they are excellent at this job. The foams also incorporate the pyramid shaped design which improves the surface area significantly, meaning you won't have to clean the foams out as much (when cleaning the foams make sure they are cleaned in a bucket of pond water, as they are in direct contact with the biological media)

Once through the foams the water is into the biological chamber with the flocor, flocor is a corrugated tube with a high surface area that allows a good water flow through it. Due to the extremely large surface area of the flocor it allows a high concentration of friendly bacteria to cultivate in a small area, these bacteria help turn poisonous nitrite into nitrate which is a plant food, without this bacteria the pond would struggle to maintain a healthy balance and would be unsafe to keep fish in.

How To Clean The Oasis Clear Pond?

To give the Oasis Clear Pond a quick flush out of all the sludge in the bottom of the filter is simple, the first thing you need to do, which is vital is switch your filter pump off so that no water is coming into the system. Next release the sludge drain that is in the first picture below, this will empty all but the middle chamber of the  Oasis Clear Pond, (there is a hosetail that can be screwed on here to attach a hose to take it to a flower bed) once opened all the sludge and water will drain and once the water has stopped coming out of the unit close the tap. Next attach your hose pipe to the inlet which is marked stage 2 which is shown in the below right picture, and switch you hose on. This will start to fill up the Oasis Clear Pond with tap water, (still avoiding the middle chamber) now re-open the stage 1 sludge tap and this will clear even more sludge from the bottom of your filter, repeat this process until the water runs clear through your unit.

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