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NLFL Bradshaws Pond Flake Information

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Bradshaws Direct Pond Flakes

Bradshaws Pond Flakes are a popular food for people who have different sizes of fish in their pond. The flakes float on the surface and break up, allowing even tiny fish to nibble at them!

These pond flakes contain everything your fish needs to stay healthy and also contain Spirulina, which will enhance the colour of your fish and make sure they are looking their best!

These pond flakes should only be fed to your fish when the water temperature in your pond is above 10ºc, as they contain a large amount of protein which is difficult for fish to digest in cold weather due to their metabolism slowing down.

When feeding your fish, any extra food left floating on the surface after 5 minutes should be removed. A feeding ring will ensure that the food stays together and is easy to remove.


  •     Wheat Feed Flour
  •     Soya, Dehulled, Extracted, Toasted
  •     Wheat
  •     Fish Oil
  •     Contains E.U. permitted colour pigments and antioxidants


  •     Crude Protein - 16%
  •     Crude Oils & Fats 3%
  •     Crude Fibres 3.2%
  •     Crude Ash 3.5%
  •     Phosphorus
  •     Calcium 0.2%
  •     Digestable Energy 14.6mg/kg
  •     Vitamin A  12,500iu
  •     Vitamin D3 500iu
  •     Vitamin E 80mg
  •     Vitamin C 200mg
  •     Iron, Ferrous sulphate, monohydrate   75mg/kg
  •     Iodine, Calcium iodate, anhydrous   5mg/kg
  •     Cobalt, Cobaltous  carbonate, monohydrate 1.0mg/kg
  •     Copper, Cupric sulphate, pentahydrate 5mg/kg
  •     Manganese, manganic  oxide 20mg/kg
  •     Zinc, Zinc sulphate, monohydrate  80mg/kg
  •     Selenium, sodium selenite 0.3mg/kg

Further information on feeding your fish

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