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Nishikoi - Goodbye Blanket Weed 10,000 gallon tub


Nishikoi - Goodbye Blanket Weed

Product Information

Goodbye Blanket Weed from Nishikoi is an award winning natural solution to blanket weed. All you have to do is drop 1 water soluble sachet into the pond or filter every week.

Contains friendly, harmless bacteria and enzymes which eat the food that blanket weed lives on as well as activated barley straw. Each sachet treats 1000 gallons/4500 litres.

    Available in three sizes:
  • Eco Pack, 6 Sachets: Treats up to 27,000 litres
  • Standard Pack, 8 Sachets: Treats up to 36,000 litres
  • Bulk Pack, 32 sachets: Treats up to 145,000 litres

Sku: NKGB10000

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