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Nishikoi ClearWaters Sludge Remover 1000ml


Deals with sludge in a natural way, leaving healthier clearer pond water. Use in conjunction with ClearWaters Blanketweed Solution for best results

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Product Information

Nishikoi ClearWaters Sludge Remover treats and deals with the sludge layer that can build up on the bottom of ponds over time. This sludge layer is the result of leaves, twigs, other debris and fish food waste and excrement deteriorating and decomposing. The sludge this creates can be a problem for the health of your fish as it encourages the build up of nitrates and phosphates, which in turn encourages algae growth - which can then lead to oxygen depletion.

Algae and blanketweed of course can also be unsightly and turn your water green. Add to this the churning up of the sludge layer as fish search for food, and the water can even turn to a cloudy, murky brown tinge.

ClearWaters Sludge Remover deals with this by introducing natural heterotrophic bacteria which consume the sludge in a totally natural way. It’s best to use Sludge Remover after using an algae and blanketweed treatment such as ClearWaters Blanketweed Solution. Using these 2 together should ensure much more healthy and clear water.

As it’s natural this product is also completely harmless to pond fish and other pond and garden wildlife.

ClearWaters Sludge Remover is available in 3 sizes:

  • ClearWaters Sludge Remover 500ml - Treats 5000 litres (1,100 gallons)
  • ClearWaters Sludge Remover 1000ml - Treats 10000 litres (2,200 gallons)
  • Clearwaters Sludge Remover 2500ml - Treats 25000 litres (5,500 gallons)

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