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Installing a Pond Liner | A Bradshaws Direct Guide

Your Guide to Installing a Pond Liner

Digging your pond and fitting the liner can seem like a daunting task, but it's actually very simple. Just follow these basic steps and you should have no problems. If you do need any extra advice, just give us a call on 01904 698800 and we'll be happy to help.

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Laying Out

Installing a Pond Liner 1

Plan out the shape of your pond with a hosepipe or length of rope, avoiding overhanging trees, shrubs and waterlogged areas. Make sure you are happy with the shape and then dig out the pond.


Installing a Pond Liner 2

Make sure your pond is level by putting a piece of wood across and checking with a spirit level (as in the picture above). This is important because if your pond isn't level then the pond liner will show at one side when the other side looks full.

Adding Sand

Installing a Pond Liner 3

We recommend that you add a layer of soft sand before putting in the underlay and liner. This will help to level the bottom of the pond as well as protecting the liner and underlay from small stones which could tear them.

Fitting the Underlay and Liner

Installing a Pond Liner 4

Place your underlay on top of the sand and smooth it down. Some people use old carpet or newspaper as underlay, but these will rot down easily and their protection will be reduced over time. Bradshaws recommend either Permalay or Polyfibrelay. Both of these underlays are great quality and will last a long time.

Please note that our extensive guarantees on Polyex Liners are only valid if they are installed with Polyfibrelay or Permalay.

Once you have installed the underlay, lay the liner on top and smooth/fold it into shape. The easiest way to do this is often to get into the pond (without shoes!). If your pond is really irregular you may need to make a lot of folds. This is made slightly easier if you slowly fill the pond at the same time and fold as the liner settles itself.

Don't stretch the liner into shape and don't be tempted to start the edging process until the liner is fully settled or you could end up ripping it.

Finishing Off

Installing a Pond Liner 5

Put paving or gravel around the edge of your pond to hold the liner into place and disguise it, then you are ready to add a pump, filter and UVC to keep it clean and clear. You can also add plants straight away, but remember that fish should be added gradually (call us or email for more advice).

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Need to work out what size liner you need? Try our Pond Liner Calculator

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